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Normalcy in foster care

As youth in foster care, we want to feel “normal.” Unfortunately, many of us feel far from normal when we are unable to engage in the same activities as our friends who are not in foster care.

In fact, many of us in foster care miss out on critical mile-stones which are instrumental in our self-development, learning, and overall happiness. So whether it’s playing school sports, having access to the internet or a cell phone, getting a job, attending cultural events, field trips or hanging out with our friends, these activities and privileges help us build and practice lifelong skills needed for a successful adulthood.

There's good news

But there is good news about normalcy and foster care that we want other youth and their adult caregivers to know about. It’s a new Federal law called the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act (SFA). SFA requires states to implement “normalcy” requirements into their own state laws and regulations in an effort to better ensure permanency, positive development and overall well-being for those of us in foster care.

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